mercredi 28 septembre 2016

 Hello , my name is Inès Samir , I am 15 years old and I am currently studying at Detroit , a really nice school which I really love. I love all my subjects , but mostly french and english . I love english beacause it is a very intresting language to learn and to talk with . I love french Cos its a very beautiful and rich language.
 In my opinion, Morocco is a very beautiful country in which many tourist visit every summer. Tangier is one of the cities that is the mosted visited during the summer because of the warm weather, the beautiful beach, and the amazing ciews. Everyone enjoy the summer in tanguer and comes back every year. Tangier is also very green and has alot of colorful flowers all around the streets.
However, during the summer , many thieves come out and start stealing, I would like to change this so streets can be much safer and we would enjoy it even more.

2 commentaires:

  1. Hey Ines Samir it's Jessica! I too, want to learn the language of French, but maybe in the near future. Over here In California it's like the weather is bipolar because yesterday, October 4th, it was freezing like i couldn't even sit in my chair because it was so cold! Today though, it was warm which is good because nobody likes the cold, hah. Hopefully you can help out with all the robbery and everything going on there to make the streets safer! (:

  2. Hi I'm Carolina. I'm glad that you love where you live so much! It sounds very nice that you love to learn English. I personally know Spanish and English , but I'd love to learn French as well. Why do you think they rob the streets in the summer as you say. Well, I hope it gets better for you from that! Goodbye!!