dimanche 20 novembre 2016

Hello everybody , so today we have to speak about music.
 Music can be very important to the people that often feel sad or in a bad mood , there are so many genres and songs they can listen to to feel happier . Personaly music is an important part of my life , cos I’m usually listening to it . Music makes me feel better when am stressed or mad or just bored. I listen to all genre of music and in many differents languages like french , english , arabic of course , and also spanish , italian and dutch .
Here are some of my favorite songs ! 
 My favorites songs are the ones that have good rhythms , and the ones we can dance to but obviously I can’t share them all with you here haha so I’ll just give you the links if you are interested you can easly find them on youtube :

4 commentaires:

  1. Hey music makes me feel better, too! When I find my headphones I will definitely find the time to listen to your music and their videos!(:

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    2. Hello Jessica , I hope you found time to listen to the songs that I proposed to you. How did you find them?

    3. Beautiful is a good song that i find interestingly good. Your pop songs are cool, too. I've never heard these songs before so it's a unique taste in music and i like it! I should really explore more music all over the world. That will expand my knowledge in the music world.